HELP OUT - TAKE OUT is a public-private partnership that supports both local restaurants and Branford residents who are struggling or have lost jobs or income due to the pandemic.

A joint effort of Rotary and Branford Counseling & Community Services (BCCS), the program purchases gift cards from local restaurants and distributes them to Branford residents in need, especially those who are out of work, cannot work, or have had their hours reduced as a result of the coronavirus. Branford Rotary donated $10,000 to start HELP OUT – TAKE O­UT, and was awarded an additional $10,000 by the Branford Community Foundation.

But to keep restaurants viable, and to help those who so desperately need it, we rely on donations from people like you.


"Each dollar raised during this campaign is extremely effective and far-reaching,” said Rotarian Richard Shanahan, Co-Chair of HELP OUT – TAKE OUT. “It provides meals to our local residents, it provides financial and moral support to restaurant owners, and it helps to maintain the social fabric of our community.”

BCCS Executive Director Peter Cimino called the program timely and needed, as his office has seen a surge in unemployed and underemployed looking for assistance.

“People are worried about their futures and their families, and restaurants in particular have been hard hit by this crisis,” said Cimino. “Having a program that can help people who’ve lost their incomes, while at the same time saving our vital restaurant community, really shows you what people in this town can do when they work together.”

Branford residents who have been furloughed, lost their job or had their hours reduced due to the pandemic can apply for the program by visiting Branford Counseling & Community Services:

The project is currently aiding 30 local restaurants – establishments that are themselves giving back by voluntarily providing extra gift cards.

“Every single dollar helps, both with the restaurants and for people who are truly in need,” said John Sousoulas, owner of the Parthenon Diner. “These gift cards will help us replenish some of the food we’ve been using, and cover the bills we have to pay. I know we all appreciate what the Rotary is doing to help the community get through this.”

The Club plans to extend HELP OUT - TAKE OUT for as long as needed, but to keep it going – to keep the community healthy and thriving – the public has a role to play.


Please give to the HELP OUT - TAKE OUT. The Branford Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. Depending on your tax status, your donation may be tax deductible. All monies collected will go to support restaurants and people in need. Rotary has no administrative costs and no paid employees.

In times of crisis, people come together, and so do ideas. HELP OUT - TAKE OUT is an idea that will help local business, and local residents, get through this difficult time.


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